Feel free to experience a new world of banking that is designed around your needs and priorities. You can enjoy unmatched privileges with access to your funds and discounts at your favorite merchants.

Limits & Fee Structures Platinum (PKR)
ATM withdrawal Rs 200,000/Day
Purchase Rs. 500,000/Day
Annual/Issuance Fee Rs. 5,000 +FED
Replacement Charges Rs. 5,000 +FED
Funds Transfer within MCB Islamic Bank Rs. 1,000,000/Day
Inter Bank Fund Transfer Rs. 1,000,000/Day
Bill Payment Rs. 2,000,000/Day
Features and Benefits

Using MCB Islamic Platinum Debit Card is quicker than visiting a branch, safer than carrying cash and easier than writing cheques. With MCB Islamic Debit Card, you have access to your bank account 24 x 7.

Global Acceptability

The MCB Islamic Platinum Debit Card is accepted both locally and globally.

Payments made easier

Wait no more in queues for important bill payments. Pay at your own convenience.

Funds Transfer

Whether it be your loved ones or your business contact, transfer funds in a hassle-free way.

Promotions & Discounts

MCB Islamic Debit Card empowers you to go beyond cash withdrawals. Swipe the card at MCB Islamic Partner Locations to avail discounts on your purchase.