MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. offers a wide array of Halal and RIBA free Islamic Banking products and services to meet the requirements of individuals and businesses alike. Browse our range of products offering Saving, Current, Term Deposit and Digital accounts.

The Current Account section includes Shari’ah compliant current accounts for your everyday banking needs. These accounts are based on the concept of “Qard” where the Customer is “lender” and the Bank is “borrower”. The amount deposited by Customer in this account shall remain payable by the Bank to the customer until paid. Bank may at its discretion use or employ such funds as it deems fit in approved Shari’ah Compliant products/avenues. This is non-remunerative chequing account where the bank is liable to pay your money back on demand without any additional charges.

The Saving Account & Term Deposit sections includes products that are designed based on the principles of Mudarabah, where Customer is “Rabb-ul-Maal” and Bank is “Mudarib”. Bank may, at its discretion, use or employ such funds as it deems fit under the products and avenues approved by Shari’ah Board of the Bank. Bank shall share the profit on the basis of predetermined profit sharing ratio. Return on deposits will be based on predetermined weightages for each month or any interval decided by the bank and announced as per SBP’s instructions.