Fair Treatment to Customers

We are committed in providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction and have therefore set-up an independent Service Quality Department comprising Business Conduct function that oversees Service Quality, Problem Resolution and Fair treatment of customers (FTC). FTC is an integral part of our corporate culture, keeping this in view MCB Islamic Bank has institutionalized a Consumer Protection Framework. Our priority is to keep the customer’s well-being in mind while designing, selling and managing products/services, without any discrimination.

MCB Islamic Bank is confident that a customer’s trust in our banking services is the key to ensuring Long Term stability and wide spread deposit retention. Our core FTC values are what defines our banking conduct. We aspire to deliver a customer-focused approach, where customers’ best interests are protected and we as a bank, fully embrace our FTC obligations toward both, existing and new customers in a fair and transparent way.

Some of the aspects of FTC mentioned within MCB Islamic Bank framework are being highlighted below
  • Clear & Timely Disclosures
  • To provide up to date information about products and services to consumers. This information should be easily accessible, clear, simple to understand, accurate, not misleading and include any potential risk for the Consumer.

  • Behaviour and Work Ethics
  • To work in a professional manner for the benefit of clients during their relationship, where Bank is primarily responsible for the protection of the financial interest of the client.

  • Impartial and Just Treatment
  • Must deal fairly and honestly with consumers at all stages of their relationship.

  • Complaint Handling
  • Consumers should have access to adequate complaint handling mechanisms that are accessible, affordable, independent, fair, accountable, timely, and efficient and based on SBP regulations.

  • Protection against Fraud and Invasion of Privacy
  • To protect and monitor Consumer deposits and savings and other similar financial assets, documents and other personal information through the development of control systems with a high level of efficiency to reduce risks.

  • Competition
  • Avoid any unreasonable post-sale barriers imposed, when consumers want to change product, switch, submit a claim or make a complaint, and all ill practices which are against banking conduct and regulators guidelines.