Home Remittance Service

MCB Islamic Bank Limited – Home Remittance is geared and tooled to provide the most accurate, timely and efficient distribution
of remittances to the beneficiaries in Pakistan. With a network of more than Two Hundred plus (200+) branches
across Pakistan, accessibility to customers is more convenient.

MCB Islamic Bank Network
  • 200+ Online branches across Pakistan reaching millions of Pakistanis instantly.
  • Payment can be collected from all branches of MCB Islamic Bank Ltd across Pakistan.
  • A team of dedicated and customer-oriented staff, fully focused on incomparable inbound home remittance disbursement service for all the beneficiaries.
  • Trusted, Secure, Fast & Easy way to receive home remittance transactions
Steps to send Home Remittance to Pakistan
  • Step 1: Locate a Money Transfer Operator (See list of operators here).
  • Step 2: Fill in the remittance form and give it to the Money Transfer Operator along with the amount to be sent.
  • Step 3: The Money transfer Operator will give a TPIN/ XPIN/ MTCN/ Voucher code.
  • Step 4: Contact the beneficiary who will collect remittance, share with them the TPIN and particulars of the remittance amount which they can then collect from any branch of MCB Islamic Bank.
Steps to collect Home Remittance from MCB Islamic Bank branch
  • Step 1:Visit any branch of MCB Islamic Bank with your original & copy of identity document (e.g. CNIC/SNIC/NICOP/SNICOP) and the TPIN/ XPIN/ MTCN/ Voucher code
  • Step 2: Fill in the ‘Remittance Payment Form’ and submit it to the branch official with copy of identity document.
  • Step 3: Once details are matched, remittance amount will be handed over within few minutes.
Cash over the Counter Transaction Limit

PKR 850,000/-

Modes of Distribution

At MCB Islamic Bank, Home Remittance Division offers following multiple modes of distribution of Remittances to beneficiaries in Pakistan.

Through Cash Pickup

Beneficiaries in Pakistan can collect their remittances from any branch of MCB Islamic Bank Limited.

Direct Credit to Account

Our service ensures funds received from anywhere across the world are credited instantly to the beneficiary account maintained with MCB Islamic Bank Limited.

Account credit Transactions (RTGS/PRISM)

In case the recipient maintains an account with any other bank operating in Pakistan. MCB Islamic Bank will transfer the funds and settle it using the RTGS/PRISM system. The transfer will be done on same day basis.

Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT)

This facility allows MCB Islamic Bank to transfer funds on real time basis from our bank to any other bank. By using IBFT service recipient will receive cash quickly and instantly & transfer is done online and in real time.

Issuance of Proceed Realization Certificate

After the Home Remittance transactions are processed upon request of customer – PRC can be issued by the customer through website portal services under (Service ->PRC Generation/Verification) alternatively customer may contact the relevant branch to arrange PRC through home remittance team for the transaction processed under PRI.

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP)

1LINK, along with Banks, the State Bank of Pakistan, and the Ministry of Finance, is proud to introduce a one-of-its-kind incentive program for Non-Resident Pakistanis and their beneficiaries. Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is designed to incentivize Non-Resident Pakistanis to use formal banking channels to remit their hard-earned money to beneficiaries in Pakistan.

1LINK has designed and launched an Android and iOS based Mobile App for users to register as a Remitter and earn points on their remittances sent to Pakistan through designated financial channels. Using the Mobile App, remitters can further enroll their beneficiaries and transfer loyalty points to them. The registered users would be eligible to earn reward points on all subsequent remittances as well as avail exciting privileges provided by government agencies exclusively for remittance senders and receivers.
The Remitter can register himself/ herself. The Beneficiary can only be registered after authorization by the Remitter. For further information you can visit their website
For any queries and support, contact at: [email protected]

Don’t miss the opportunity to avail exciting rewards and benefits.

Contact Details
24/7 Customer Support
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MCB ISLAMIC BANK MCB Islamic Phone Banking [email protected] 042-111-222-642
Home Remittance Support Desk
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MCB ISLAMIC BANK Faizan Rasheed [email protected]
[email protected]
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MCB ISLAMIC BANK Muhammad Saulat Ali Khan [email protected]
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