MCB Islamic Debit Cards

At MCB Islamic Bank our aim is to provide best services to our customers. In line with this vision, we have introduced “MCB Islamic Debit Cards” in alliance with UnionPay International & 1Link. Now you can Withdraw Cash, Purchase and avail number of services offered at MCB Islamic ATM or merchants and locations displaying UnionPay, 1-Link or PayPak Logos.

MCB Islamic Bank offers four variants of Debit Cards
  • Qadar Classic
  • Qadar Gold
  • Platinum
  • PayPak Classic
Limits & Fee Structures Qadar Classic (PKR) Qadar Gold (PKR) Platinum (PKR) PayPak Classic (PKR)
Transaction Limits
ATM withdrawal 50,000 / Day 100,000 / Day Rs 200,000/Day 100,000 / Day
Purchase 150,000 / Day 250,000 / Day 500,000/Day 250,000 / Day
Annual / Issuance Fee 1,800 + FED 2,300 + FED 5,000 + FED 1,550 + FED
Replacement Charges 1,800 + FED 2,300 + FED 5,000 + FED 1,550 + FED
Funds Transfer within MCB Islamic 500,000 / Day 500,000 / Day 1,000,000/Day 500,000 / Day
Inter Bank Funds Transfer 250,000 / Day 500,000 / Day 1,000,000/Day 250,000 / Day
Bill Payment 2,000,000 / Day 2,000,000/Day 2,000,000 / Day 2,000,000 / Day
Features and Benefits

Using MCB Islamic Debit Card is quicker than visiting a branch, safer than carrying cash and easier than writing cheques. With MCB Islamic Debit Card, you have access to your bank account 24 x 7.

Global Acceptability

The MCB Islamic Debit Card is accepted both locally and globally wherever the Union Pay or 1-Link logos are displayed. Customers can conduct international transactions on their Debit Cards with an accumulated limit of $30,000 per annum. Learn more.

Online Shopping

You can now shop online with your MCB Islamic UnionPay Debit Card.

Promotions & Discounts

MCB Islamic Debit Card empowers you to go beyond cash withdrawals. Swipe the card at MCB Islamic Partner Locations to avail discounts on your purchase.

*Golootlo Deals Terms and Conditions:

•Golootlo discounts cannot be claimed in accumulation with any other discount offers, promotions, special menu items, dining or loyalty programs
• Discounts can only be claimed once per day (Selected brands/outlets).
• Deals are subject to change without prior notice
• Golootlo discounts can only be claimed via one channel at a time (bank card or app). So, stacking discounts via different channels is not allowed.
• Delivery deals and outlets deals are separate and can only be claimed via their respective channels.
• In case any brand’s outlet is closed during certain holidays, Golootlo cannot be held responsible.
• Offers apply only to the items/services and location(s) specified in the discount details.
• If a merchant or venue refuses to honor any offer, please contact 111 566 856
• Golootlo is not liable for any variation on food quality

**Terms and Conditions

• ATM Cash withdrawal limits mentioned above are Channel-wise (MCB Islamic ATM, 1Link, UnionPay Intl.).
• All above mentioned charges are exclusive of taxes.
• MCB Islamic Bank Debit Cards discount is subject to card based transaction only. OTC (Over the counter) transactional SMS Subscription charges to Rs.1,250 (exclusive of FED)
• MCB Islamic Bank Debit Cards discount / offers / discount criteria may vary time to time without prior intimation to the customers.
• In case of any discount offer decline, MCB Islamic Bank is not responsible for any refund(s) / claim(s).
• These discounts are not valid in conjunction with other special promotions and/or discount programs defined by MCB Islamic Bank or MCB Islamic Bank’s Partners, unless defined categorically.
• For any further information, call MCB Islamic Phone Banking at: 042-111-222-642.